We will discuss your Social Security Disability, review your work history, and help you understand the application process.  We promise honest answers to your questions.  You will know whether or not we can help you.


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Starr took care of everything. They got my medical records, talked to my doctors, and went to court prepared. Everyone who needs help with their Social Security Disability claims should use Starr.
Benjamin P.

My family is now able to look to the future without fear of how we are going to pay our bills, thanks to Starr Disability Advocates helping to get my claim approved.
Sarah L.

I was confused and didn’t know where to begin. One call to Starr Disability Advocates made me feel at ease on how we were going to prepare my claim and get it filed. They are really easy to work with and understand what is needed to be successful.
Fredrick J.

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What we can do for you…

Starr Disability Advocates provides representation to disabled individuals who have applied for social security benefits.

Starr Disability Advocates services include advising you how to file your initial claim, representing you when your initial claim or in-process appeal is denied, gathering and analyzing the appropriate medical records, and then writing a compelling argument in support of approval of your denied benefits to submit to the appropriate SSA office on your behalf. When necessary, we will represent you at ALJ Hearing level by appearing before the Administrative Law Judge with you.

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