What clients are saying

At Starr Disability Advocates, we take great pride in our customer service. We treat our clients as individuals and respectfully provide complete and comprehensive services to their claim. Some of our past clients want others to know more about their experience with Starr.

Starr took care of everything. They got my medical records, talked to my doctors, and went to court prepared. Everyone who needs help with their claims should use Starr.
Benjamin P.

My family is now able to look to the future without fear of how we are going to pay our bills, thanks to Starr Disability Advocates helping to get my claim approved.
Sarah L.

I was confused and didn’t know where to begin. One call to Starr Disability Advocates made me feel at ease on how we were going to prepare my claim and get it filed. They are really easy to work with and understand what is needed to be successful.
Fredrick J.

I have filled out and sent in the application that you sent me. It is now about a 120 day wait I guess. No matter what happens, thanks for taking time to talk with me, both you and Jim, and for not making me feel like I am wrong for doing this. I don’t ask for help as it seems when I do, it is either the wrong kind or it never comes. Today you gave me a bit of hope and respect and maybe even a bit of courage to ask for help. No matter the outcome, I say thank you once again.
Sue M.