Hand2Hand Ministries

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Allison Starr, daughter of Karen Starr, has entered in Heart Prize through her school, Northpointe Christian High. Allison is trying to get as many “likes” as possible on her video of the charity she is sponsoring. Please check out the link below and “like” her video on YouTube as that is how to vote. […]

Freedom Cruise

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Starr Disability Advocates is proud to be a sponsor of the West Michigan Freedom Cruise! “The Freedom Cruise 2014 will take place June 25-29 and will feature car and bike events and cruises throughout West Michigan. The five-day event will be part of a fundraiser for local veterans through a new not-for-profit called Finish […]

Radio Interview by Karen and Shirley

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Karen Starr and Shirley Jenks of Starr Disability Advocates were featured on WOOD Radio. Listen to the interview for some of the most common questions we get asked about Social Security disability benefits.

Expediting Veteran Claims

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Veterans with a Department of Veterans Affairs disability compensation rating of 100 percent Permanent and Total will soon have their applications for Social Security disability benefits processed faster, the Social Security Administration announced Wednesday. View the full story    

10 Things Veterans Should Know About Social Security Disability Benefits

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1) While Social Security Disability and Department of Veterans Affairs are both federal agencies, they have different rules to determine disability. 2) Social Security Disability and VA also have different rules regarding working while disabled. 3) There are two Social Security Disability programs (Social Security Disability Insurance [DIB], Supplemental Security Income [SSI]); just like […]

Want to learn more about Social Security disability?

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Schedule a free presentation. We can present general information or tailor the presentation to meet your organizational/agency needs – some examples of custom presentations include “What Veterans Need to Know about Social Security” and “The Critical Role Medical/Mental Health Professionals Have in a Social Security Disability Claim”. We always include a Q&A period in […]

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Learn about Social Security disability benefits, get your questions about SSDI/SSI answered, learn about health topics, stay connected with what we’re doing in the community, and more! View our Facebook Page!